Sometimes we want our apps to support multiple languages to reach a higher audience.

This is when we turn to localization.

Localization vs Internationalization in CS

  • Localization is the process of adapting the software to support different languages, time zones, and respect laws and cultures of different regions and locales
  • Internationalization is the process of designing a software that meets the needs of the users all around the world, for instance: designing an app that adapts to the RTL languages.

Localization is about the content.

Internationalization is about the UI.

Localizing our app

Localizing our app consists of 2 basic steps:

  • Creating strings that can be localized (NSLocalizedString);

Do you remember those notes kids would pass around when we were in middle school asking “Do you like me”?

The ternary operator is the equivalent of them in code.

When you use the ternary operator you’re asking a question that can either be true or false. When it’s true, the code after the “?” gets executed and when it’s false, the code after the “:” gets executed.

Recently I have been working on a custom keyboard extension.

I wanted it to be of the same size of the original iOS keyboard. I noticed that almost all of the devices have different keyboard heights and I thought that affected the way the keyboard appeared. But here’s the plot twist: the view that contains the letters is always of the same size!

This means that the height difference comes from the bottom safe area.

The universal height of the letters view on iPhone is of 216 points in portrait and 162 points in landscape. …

Federica Benacquista

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